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about us


Severn Beach Village Hall and Playing Fields Trust is a Registered Charity 265636

Committee 2020


Gillian Cox

Patrick Jackson (Vice Chair) 07522 465286

Heather Coghan (Secretary) 

Alex Smith

Bethan Hulston

Sam Croft (Chair) 01454 633886

Dawn Nicholls

Pat Russell

John Russell

Kati Reed

Kim Thomas

Denise Turner

Vacancy (Treasurer)

Severn Beach Village Hall and Playing Fields Trust

Extract from Conveyance dated 3rd November 1947


The purchasers shall hold the premises hereby assured on Trust, to permit the same to be used primarily for the children of the said Ward of Severn Beach in perpetuity for the purposes of physical and mental recreation, social and moral and intellectual development through the medium of sports and games, reading and recreation rooms, library and entertainments, or otherwise as may be found expedient, for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Ward of Severn Beach without distinction, subject to the provisions of these presents.